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A wonderful herbal oil for psoriasis, dandruff, fissure foot, and dry skin. 

This formulation has already been Clinically evaluated serval Thousend of patients benefited across India and many parts the world and has been proven to be very effective for long-term usage. 

Indications : All types of Psoriasis, Dandruff, Fissure foot, Icthyosis, Fungal dermatosis, Ulcerative gingivitis, Apthous ulcers of mouth, First-degree burns.


Oil extracts of
Wrightia tinctoria ( Swetha kutaja ) 50% W/V
Oleum Cocus nucifera (Narikela ) 50% W/V


External use: Application after bath as a thin coating over affected surface. Exposure to morning sun for 15 mins after application. Use fingertipsreplica watches uk for application on scalp. Use natural cleaning agents like chikakai powder for washing hair and body. 

Contra indication 

There is no known contra indication. Mild skin rashes in some replica watches cases are reported over the lesions at the beginning of the therapy. Such lesions will disappear within few fake watches days after regular use. 


Presented in sealed food grade PET bottles of 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml packing.

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