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Ayurveda Initial Consultation Our initial consultation involves determining what your body type (body constitution) is and the current state of balance or imbalance in the doshas.

If you are having a particular problem, it is important to find out the underlying cause. Therefore, you may be asked to provide the history of the illnesses in the past, treatment history, family history, occupational history, personal history (diet, lifestyle and habits) etc.

Also taken into consideration is whether your age, your constitution, or the weather is contributing to the problem.

To assess your state of health, different diagnostic techniques such as pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, eye diagnosis, face, lips and nails examination will be used.

Based on the findings you will be given a particular regimen to follow, which may involve Ayurvedic medicines, diet, exercise, breathing techniques and other self-care practices. If necessary, some sort of detoxification programs will be advised, like ???Panchakarma???, followed by a program for rebuilding the body???s strength and immunity.


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