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Each 500mg Tablets contains:

Ponkurand Salacia reticulata 50mg
Patakizhangu Cyclea peltata 50mg.
Karingali Acacia catechu 50mg.
Nellikka Emblica officinalis 50mg.
Manjal Curcuma longa 50mg.
Njaval Syzygium cumini 50mg.
Thettamparal Strictnus potatorum 50mg.
Cheroola Aerva lanata 50mg.
Venga Pterocarpus Marsupium 50mg.
Njerinjil Tribulus terrestris 50mg.
MaramanjalCocosinium fenestratum 50mg.

Indication & Dosage

Dosage: 1 to 2 Tablets daily, half an hour before breakfast and dinner or as directed by physician

- DIAB LIFE Stimulates Liver that ensures Terminal Digestion and Metabolism of Sugar
- DIAB LIFE Stimulates pancreas in order to increase availability of insulin
- DIAB LIFE promotes Peripheral Consumptions of Glucose
- DIAB LIFE provides additional advantage of highly Anti ???Oxidant Natural agents that protect cell from oxidative stress.
- DIAB LIFE provides ??-cell repair and regeneration.
- DIAB LIFE is highly effective in prevention and postponement of secondary complications.
- DIAB LIFE improves response to OHA therapy and thereby reducing the dosages.

Each 500mg capsule contains :-

Cyclea peltata 90mg
Nilappana Curculigo orchioides 90mg
Njerinjil Tribulus terrestris 90mg
Naikurana Mucuna prurata 44mg
Amukkaram Withania somnifera 34mg
Shathavari Asparagus racemosus 34mg
Kattuzhunnu Teramnus labialis 28mg
Vayalchulli Asteracantha longifolia 20mg
Naruneendi Hemidesmus indicus 40mg
Nellikka Emblica oficinalis 30mg

Indication & Dosage??
Dosage: 1 to 2 Capsules daily followed by a glass of milk or as directed by Physician

Ayurveda for conjugal vigor??
- GOOD LIFE an effective treatment for general debility and chronic fatigue syndrome, - GOOD LIFE an effective treatment for all types of degenerative conditions & Dhatu syndrome, - GOOD LIFE an effective treatment for physical rundown and mental weakness

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