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Description : Diabetes is a fairly manageable disease through the regular use of PRAMEHA-GOLD. PRAMEHA-GOLD is a rare combination of various barks and roots of medicinal plants. This combination is derived from the manuscript of ancient times. A formulation prepared from "Nature's own resources".

Action :

The combined hypoglycemic effect of all the ingredients prevent rise of blood sugar and improves glucose tolerance in type II Diabetes.

Improves the body metabolic conditions

Stops the weight loss & helps regain weight

Helps to control the production of insulin and brings to normal range

Helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body

Indication : For Diabetes type I and type II.

Presentation : For insulin dependent patients: do not reduce the dosage of PRAMEHA-GOLD (i.e. 2...2...2) till insulin is completely withdrawn.

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The statics are there for everyone to see. And they are frightening. Diabetes in India has assumed epidemic proportions - 25 to 30 million people suffer from this silent killer. In fact, it is estimated - by the WHO - that by year 2000 every fourth diabetic in the world will be an Indian and by 2025, the diabetic population in India will be poised to cross the 50 million mark!

On the one hand the harsh reality of the situation is that if diabetes is not controlled it threatens to become one of the biggest scourges of the 21st century. On the other, it is a sad fact that even though diabetes has been known to man for about 30 centuries no allopathic cure has yet been found for the disease.

Cogent db is made from nine commonly used herbs: most parts of the replica watches neem tree, most parts of the emblic myrobalan or the Indian gooseberry, some parts of the belliric myrobalm, the fruit of the chebu/ie myrobalan, the entire land-caltrops plant, the root of the atis root, and some parts of the jaman or black plum.

What makes Cogent db different from other anti-cliabetic drugs is its time tested, effective natural ingredients, anti-diabetic properties, its power to protect vital organs like the kidney and liver and more over its known property -to protect and repair the pancreas. It is the only known effective drug which checks diabetic complications like eye diseasesl diabetes neuropathy, diabetes nephropathy, macro vascular diseases and lower extremity problems thus enabling diabetics lead a normal life. All these make Cogent db a unique product. Today, Cogent db is available as user-friendly tablets in blister packs prepared in the most modern facilities conforming to international standards.

Colonel E.V. Krishnan of Cybele Herbal Laboratories, to whom Dr. Kuttan submitted the final technical reports on Cogent db entitled Ant/diabetic Activity of a Herbal Preparation says,replica watches uk "Many hours were spent to decipher the formula, to understand the meanings, to identify the herbs mentioned, and to prepare the formulations accordingly. Much more important was the struggle that went alongside to contact established institutions and scientific laboratories to test the efficacy of the formula under the most powerful modern investigative methods."

In fact Cybele Herbal Laboratories was established with the main objective of validating the rare ayurvedic formulations which were found in the palm leaf manuscripts given to Balararn. swiss replica watches The company's mission is to make such ancient formulations available to needy millions after due testing under the most modern, scientific standards. Today even the West has evinced a keen interest in Cogent db. Once the clinical trials. undertaken by the Mayo Clinic, USA, are completed, the medicine will make inroads into the strong Western pharmaceutical markets of Europe and the USA. This is probably the best tribute we can pay to our traditional system of medicine.

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