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Briefly describe the concept of Ayurveda?
"A way of life, rather than just a medical system" - Ayurveda means Science (Knowledge) of life Ayurveda is the holistic and natural health care system of India. Ayurveda is more than a system of medicine It's a way of life, encompassing science religion and philosophy that enhances well being, replica watches uk increases longevity and ultimately brings self realization. It tries to bring about a union of physical, emotional and spiritual health known as "Swasthya". It attempts to eliminate the fundamental causes that produce diseases, not - short-circuiting the main issue by treating their outward symptoms. Thus Ayurvedic therapy brings about complete and long lasting health, without leaving behind and harmful side effect???s.???

Will Ayurveda take a long time to improve or cure my problem?
Instead of just providing relief from symptoms, it identifies the root cause of the disease and aims to give you a permanent cure, wherever possible.

Do I have to follow many food restrictions while undergoing Ayurvedic treatment?
The doctor may ask you to avoid certain foods because they have the capacity to aggravate symptoms, while others are recommended because they have the capacity to swiss replica watches not only alleviate symptoms, but aid in making the treatment more effective. If you follow dietary restrictions and a proper diet plan, you can avoid further deterioration of the disease and take a step closer to healing. This is regardless of whether you are taking Ayurvedic or some other types of treatment.

Do Ayurvedic medicines contain toxic metals?
Most Ayurvedic preparations contain only herbal ingredients while a few of them contain minerals. Preparations with minerals are fast-acting and the ingredients are thoroughly purified before being added to the medicine.

Do Ayurvedic medicines have side effects?
Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural ingredients such as herbs and minerals. Often, herbal juices are mixed to make them more potent. The manufacturing process,rolex replica which is supervised by expert Vaidyas, is designed to clean, purify and enhance the potency of the formula. Secondly, both the dosage of the medicine as well as the time it is consumed is very important. If taken according to the instructions of your Ayurvedic doctor, these medicines are safe and do not have side effects.
People tell me that Ayurvedic medicines have a bitter or pungent taste. What do I do about that?
Not all Ayurvedic medicines taste or smell bad. There are plenty of formulations that are not bitter but have a specific herbal taste, like sweet, pungent, tangy, and sour. The final taste of the medicine will depend upon the ingredients used to make it.

It is important to remember that these medicines are formulated to get rid of your chronic disorders. While taking the medicines, you should be thinking about the relief you will get from the disease, and how it is bringing you closer to good health rather than being worried about its taste. After all, medicines are not manufactured for delighting your taste buds, they are meant to be effective in curing a disease or disorder.

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