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Medicines Uses
Sallaki - Tablets 400mg. Effective and safe herbal treatment for musculoskeletal disorders. Virtually free from side effects
Diabo Capsules 500 mg. A sure cure medicine for diabetes.
Alpinia 6 Capsules 500 mg A unique medicine for Hypertension, Insomnia nerve weakness, Rheumatic Pain and to reduce cholesterol level.
Destone Capsules 500 mg. To cure all kinds of stone complaints.
Pilo Capsules 500 mg. An effective medicine for piles.
Gluconil powder 100 gram. A sure cure medicine for diabetes whose sugar percentage above 200 mgm.
Pankaja Kasthuri 400 gm. A good medicine for breathing disorders, Allergic bronchitis, chronic cough Eosinophilia, frequent sneezing.
REVIG CAPS For boosting vigor and vitality for men
DIATEA Ayurvedically prepared tea to cure diabetes.
Kesaroop Hair Oil 100 ml. Helps growth of long, dark, clusterous hair, checks hair falling and dandruff. Very effective to cure premature grayness. Cures burning sensation of eyes and head. Promotes sound sleep. Can be used by all irrespective of age.
Badam lehyam For body weakness and fatigue.
Chuvannulli lehyam Best medicine for Anemia, physical weakness, bleeding and menstrual backache.
Vellulli Lehyam An excellent medicine for blood pressure, heart disease and gas trouble, cholesterol.
Pookula Lehyam Good medicine for backache, good for women after delivery.
Chyavan Brahmi Excellent brain nourisher, improves memory power in children.
Kalijan Highly dependable combination-Relieves pain, improves mobility, very good for gout.
KPN Chyavanaprash General health nourisher. This can also be used by diabetic patients.
Kumkumadi Lepam For removing black spots, pimples and adds smoothness to skin.
Banana Powder Ideal food for infants during Diarrhea and convalesence.
Pile Cure Piles and Constipation.
Bilex (Single Dose) Rapid remedy for jaundice.
Kamilari (Syrup & Tablets) Premium health supplement for liver disorders.
Kanjuniyadi Oil Improving eye sight, to cure toothache, headache, and promotes sound sleep.
Neelibringadhi Hair Oil
(Coconut/ Gingelly based)
Arrest hair falling, dandruff, prevents grayness, promote dark and clusterous hair. A natural way to protect hair. 
Eladhi Thulasi Lehyam Cough, Sore throat, Indigestion, Tastelessness.
Ajamamasa Rasayanam Removes weakness during old age. Gives strength to nerves, increase memory power, Ideal tonic for women after delivery.
Heal Soap Glycerin based bath soap.
Barley Rice Diabetic patients, infants and Invalids and best for urine purification.
Shapex caps Effective against obesity. Removes excess fat from body and reduce weight.
Priya Brahmi Oil (Amla Mix) Regular use help in growth of long dark,  Clusterous hair. check hair falling and dandruff.
Pacchjeerakagudam For slim ladies to gain more weight and stamina.
Deepam Kesathali Ayurvedic bathing powder.
Hridayasanthi A Cardio protective drug-controls Hypertension and prevents its Complications.
Kumari Kalpam Effective against women's diseases which they hesitate to disclose.
Gopichandanadi Pills Best Medicine for all types of fever, cough, bronchitis, delirium and convulsion in children.
Kamilariplus Capsule/tablets Effective in the palliative treatment of HIV Infected Patents and reinforces the Immune Systems and, allows the AIDS patients to have normal active life
Hinguvachadi Churan Effective medicine for Flatulence, indigestion, anorexia, abdominal pain, hiccup, haemorrhoids,  diarrhoea, dysentery
Santosh Hairtone Helps to cool the brain and bring sparkle to the eyes. Remedy for sleeplessness, rejuvenate the memory and also remedy against headache, dandruff Stops premature loss of hair.
Ratnavilas Remani Oil Remedy for dandruff.
Pinda Thailam For joint pains and swelling.
Kottamchukkadi Kuzhambu For Arthritis.
Dhavanthram Kuzhambu General massage oil.
Kottamchukkadhi Lepam Useful for arthritis and Swollen joints.
Gastrol Capsule Effective remedy for gas trouble.
Anu Thailam Used as nasal drops in all types of ear, nose and throat diseases.
Deepam Ayurvedic Tooth Powder Effective for dental disorders of all kinds particularly in bleeding of gums and Carious teeth.
Ragi Powder An ideal food for diabetic patients.
Sahacharadhi Khuzambhu For head & body in all Rheumatic complaints and Raktavata.
NATURAL HERBAL PRODUCTS Highly effective for fading of lusture of skin wrinkling of skin promotes sound sleep vigour and vitality and makes the body glamorous.
Sindhu Kadhali Tonic Effective Remedy for woman's diseases.
Cogent db or ilogen excel Herbal drug for diabetes, cures; peps up pancreas.
Prameha Gold Capsule 30 nos A wonderful medicine for Diabetics
Siva Drops 100 ml. Chronic dermatosis, chronic eczema, skin allergy, candidiasis and immuno compromising diseases.
777 oil A wonderful herbal oil for psoriasis, dandruff, fissure foot, and dry skin.
Lipu ointment An Ayurvedic oil for Dry skin itchyosis, chronic dry eczema, fissure foot, hyperkeratosis melasma
Psoroline Ointment An Ayurvedic oil for Dry skin itchyosis, chronic dry eczema, fissure foot, hyperkeratosis melasma
Deepam Soap 100% herbal ayurvedic soap made of pure Coconut oil.
Tolenorm oil 100ml. An effective Vitiligo, depigmentary problems, dry skin.
Prameha Gold Forte Capsule A wonderful medicine for insulin dependent patients. 30 Nos.
Kalijan Description is same as the Artiban
No Marks Herbal Ayurvedic medicine which diminishes and clears Scars & Marks.
Wanish A very good moisturiser and antioxidant which also helps in diminishing & reducing obesity & pregnancy stretch marks.
Dialex An effective remedy for diabetes.
Rasana Herbal Products These products protect the skin from UV rays, corrects the skin and blemishes, moisturize the skin.
Bana Rich Nourishing food for infants and grownups.
Kaam Sutre Vitality capsules for women only. Improves Sexual power, stamina & vigor
Prostowin An effective remedy for Prostate Gland enlargement.
Neelgiri Eucalyptus Oil Head ache, tooth ache, body pain, pain in hands, pain on legs & joints, throat pain, dengue fever, cold & chest congestion.
Reki (400mg) Reki is highly effective in the management of mussel's skeletal disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo, arthritis etc.
Jeevani A general tonic and revitaliser.
Aswajiyh Aswajith is especially useful as an aphrodisiac
Energy Plus An Ayurvedic General Health Tonic
Rejotone The Uterine tonic for Dysmenorrhoea and other menstrual irregularities
Vaidyendu Useful in all types of body pain, especially in Head -ache
Mehanil The broad spectrum anti diabetic
Digestol Helps in digestion.
Ropani An ideal remedy for Fungal infections, Cuts and Wounds
Flora Fair Face Cream for Glow & Fairness
Swasamrutham Ayurvedic Cough Syrup
Recopain Anti-rheumatic & analgesic balm.
Arogya Health Powder An ideal balanced Natural Nutritious Food Mix
Eladhi Kalpam Effective for lack of appetite vomiting, excessive watering in the mouth , cough, conjestion in the chest due to phlegm etc
Lasoonamrutham Effective for appetite, strengthening digestion, eradicating worms, Gives relief from vomiting, stomach pain,
Jatiphalarishtam Health tonic which is effective for appetite, strengthening digestion, eradicating worms, reducing ulceritis, purifying blood etc.
Snaps Capsules An effective remedy for the protection form the ill effects of smoking.
Protein Spray Complete and balanced natural nourisher for infants.
Thengin Pukula Lehyam It is a medicine for ladies after pregnancy highly effective for back pain and very good for breast feeding mothers
Super Barley Barley water made from super barley is the ideal beverage in warm weather for patients with JAUNDICE AND URINARY/RENAL INFECTION.
Hepin An ideal Ayurvedic preparation for Hepatitis-A & B
Eves Herbal Prods Some Products : Eves Fruit Care, Eves Morning Care, Eves Protein Cream, Fruit Cream, AntiPimple Acne Pack, Fairness Pack, Fruit Scrub etc.

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