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Certificate of Registration Certificate of Registration Mr. Bastian Suresh with President Mr. Jose. E. Prieto before award function?? Great Indian Monument made out of white marble stone Taj Mahal given to President
Mr. Jose. E. Prieto by Mr. Bastian Suresh??
Collecting the world Quality commitment award from President Mr. Jose. E. Prieto. Receiving the gold trophy from President Mr. Jose. E. Prieto. Presiden Mr. Jose. E. Prieto and his staff along with Mr. Bastian Suresh Mr. Bastian Suresh with the gold award in his hand, which is received from Paris 25 September 2006.??
Mr. Bastian Suresh with the golden trophy award, which he received from New York for his "Excellency in business promotion". Mr. Bastian Suresh giving his speech highlighting his growth from Zero-Level to Current-Level. Mr. Bastian Suresh and Mr. Anil Bajaj (friend) at the press conference. Our Market President Mr. Rampal is along with us at the conference.
  Owner of Subin Traders, Mr. Chandran and owner of Anil Enterprises, Mr.Rajan is attending the Press Conference with other media people. Conclusion of the Press Conference.  
Over time, our efforts have been recognized and rewarded with awards such as??
Gold Award by "Quality Summit New York 2006 for Excellence and Business Prestige", Presented by Mr. Jose. E. Prieto (President Business Initiative Direction, Spain )??
"in??Recognition of the continuous search for quality demonstrated by the achievement of ongoing Development and innovation applied to solutions which increase business results".
Front view & Back view
Golden Trophy which Bastian Suresh Received
Photo of the article which came in Total TV, which was released on 26th July2006. Award Award
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