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HEAD ACHE :??Apply the oil liberally all over the forehead and other affected parts tie a towel tightly over the head and take rest for some time.??

TOOTH ACHE :??Soak a small cotton piece in the oil and apply the same, repeatedly over effected tooth till the pain subsides.??

BODY PAIN :??When mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water, and have bath in the morning and feel fresh and free from body pains .??
PAIN IN HANDS :??Rub the oil liberally over the affected hands.

??Rub the oil where ever pain on legs and joints when you retire for the night you will get sound sleep, and you can feel fresh in the morning.??

THROAT PAIN :??Before retiring for sleep at night, rub eucalyptus oil externally all over the effected throat and and have a towel tied round the neck and take rest, you will feel fresh and free from pain in the morning.??

DENGUE FEVER :??Eucalyptus oil is highly effective remedy for dengue fever. Mix five drops of the oil in a few ozs of warm water, add a small spoon of sugar also in the mixture, drink the mixture once or twice in a day, have a drink of soda also after this dose. This will give sure relief from the fever in a day or two. This dosage would be more effective if taken when you get symptoms of flue or fever.??

COLD AND CHEST CONGESTION :??Soak a clean white piece of cloth with Eucalyptus oil and take deep inhalation of the oil repeatedly and this will give relief from cold and from chest congestion rub the oil all over the body before retiring to bed over chest and back two three times in a day and night. This removes all breathing difficulties and induces sound sleep. Eucalyptus oil is a sure and reliable remedy certified for purity and quality by Government Analysis.

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