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Size & type of packing
20 gm. Sachet.
80 gm. Pouch.

This is a dehydrated Murabba like dry fruit.
It is soft, juicy with mouth- watering taste that any one old and young can enjoy.
It is non sticky, convenient to eat and carry.
An healthy alternative to usual toffee, chocolate and sugar candies.
Processed in manner to retain max. vitamin "C".
Contains the rejuvenating benefits of Amla testified by Ayurveda.
Being dehydrated it becomes two and half times more beneficial than Murabba with syrup.
It is very good for acidity and dental problems.
Advised for pregrent mothers as it nourishes the foetus.
It is good for Acidity.
Available in the form of whole fruit and pieces. Also with Ginger and Elaichi flavours.

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