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PRANAPLUS??is a hundred percent herbal / ayurvedic medicine through the relentless research efforts in their R & D division.The unit has got 80 years of traditional experience in manufacturing high quality ayurvedic medicines.

The medicine??PRANAPLUS??is a very effective remedy for all types of respiratory disorders like asthma,eosnophilia,bronchitis,sneezing,chronic cough,allergic asthma etc.This comes in granule form.The ingredients used in??PRANAPLUS??are time tested and prescribed in the ancient texts of ayurveda like Ashtangahridayam,Sahasrayogam and Charakasamhiti.PRANAPLUS??is also an effective immuno modulator.This product is having a very good acceptance in the International market.

For asthma patients full course of the medicine (10 /12 bottles) is recommended.However, after completing 3-4 bottles the patient will feel tremendous relief.Continuous use of??PRANAPLUS??will not do any harm and NO SIDE EFFECTS have been detected in the clinical study.

PRANAPLUS??can be used by people of all ages.The ideal dosage is 2 teaspoons after food in the morning and evening.



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