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Super barley is produced from the richest grains and is very usefull for slimming weight loss. Overnight soaked barley can be used as porridge and is very usefull for weight loss can be maid by adding milk and no side effect is seen. Use this at the time of brakefast every day and you can get full benifit.since 1988.

Overnight Soaked Barley Can Be Used as Porridge and is very useful for weight loss. Can be made by ADDING MILK.

Super Barley is produced from the richest grain. Super barley is the best for barley water, gruels, cunjees and soups. Barley water made from super barley is the ideal beverage in warm weather for patients with JAUNDICE AND URINARY/RENAL INFECTION.

How to prepare Super Barley

Add 3 Table Spoons to 1liter of water. Boil for about 5-6 minutes and strain, add Lemon or Sugar to taste. Serve cold.

Net Weight.400 Gms

Bamboo Rice Powder Usage instructions For one person 50 gm powder mix in milk or coconut milk along with Kismish,cashew nut,cardamom,jeera ,salt to taste, mix well, boil to make a soup and mix honey with this bamboo soup and if you take it every day morning for 90 days, your muscles will become strong , fatty body will become normal, reduces body pain, reduces joint pain, bones will become strong,blood pressure ,blood sugar, high cholesterol will normalize. For weak children and weak old people this bamboo rice soup will reduce weakness and will help to stay very active.For sexually weak people if this herbal Viagra is taken it for 90 days, it will make you feel young and make sexual lives happier. This bamboo rice is 100% organic. It is a medicinal rice flowers only in 40 years.Tribal people collect this bamboo rice from forest, remove impurities, clean it in water and grind,roast it and keep in 350 gm,150 gm bottles by sealing it.Bamboo rice powder can be mixed i with milk or tea and use it while travelling. The food items taste like dosa,puttu which is made from rice powder . if you mix bamboo rice powder it will be tasty and very good healthy product. In the month of Karkidaka the rice mix from main companies use bamboo rice .For sports persons who participate in sports competitions ,bamboo rice helps in boosting energy and good strength for bones and muscles, for whole day to succeed in championships and competitions.

Bamboo rice nutrition Bamboo seeds are nutrient rich, the overall nutritive quality slightly greater than rice and wheat. The percentage composition of the husked bamboo seeds are: moisture 10.0, crude protein 12.0, ether extractive 0.9, ash 1.1, fibre 2.6, carbohydrate (by difference) 73.4, calcium 25.0 mg %, phosphorus 218.0 mg %, iron 9.2 mg %, vitamin B1 0.1 mg (33.3 International Unit) %, Nicotinic acid 2.03 mg %, riboflavin 36.3 mg %, carotene 12.0 mg % (20 International Units of Vitamin A) and calorific value 98.0 (calorie per ounce) 24. Fractionation studies revealed that the major proteins of the seed were glutelins with isoelectric point at pH 4.6. The amino acids make up the proteins. The two-dimensional paper chromatographic showed that, the bamboo seeds were well provided with all the essential amino acids24. It is evident from the above results that the biological value of the bamboo seed protein is as high as that of rice proteins and higher than that of wheat proteins. In the matter of protein content, the seeds are comparable with wheat but superior to rice. Thus in overall nutritive value, the bamboo seeds excel both rice and wheat. It has been reported that thousands of people sustained themselves on bamboo seeds in times of scarcity in the past. Normally it is only consumed by the hill and forest tribes25. From the above observation it is clear that the bamboo seeds are nutrient rich indigenous food, and it can be used as a substitute of rice and wheat during availability by the city dwellers also. It is evident that the people in North East India and elsewhere in the world believe that the bamboo flowering is the harbinger of famine. The popular belief is that the gregarious flowering of bamboo produces large quantities of seeds, resulting in a population explosion of rats feed upon other food commodities thus damaging stored produce leading to famine26, 27. The Kani tribes believe that the bamboo seeds increase the fertility and reproducing capacity of the tribe


Bamboo Rice Usage instructions Clean the bamboo rice well and take 50 gm bamboo rice for one person and soak it in half cup water ,next day mix this mixture in mixer along with Kismish ,cashew nut,cardamom,jeera ,salt to taste mix well, boil to make a soup and mix honey with this bamboo soup and if you take it everyday morning for 90 days your muscles will become strong , fatty body will become rnormal, reduces body pain, reduces joint pain, bones will become strong,blood pressure ,blood sugar, high cholesterol will normalize..For weak children and weak old people this bamboo rice soup is good and will reduce weakness and will help to stay more active. To make bamboo rice soup, remove stain from bamboo rice by using water, boil to make kanji like normal rice.It has more boiling time than the normal rice. Bamboo rice kanji is used from old days for ladies after delivery to reduce stomach, and make the musles strong. For sexually weak people if this wild Viagra take it for 90 days, they will get their youger days and make it happy life.This is a gift from tribals Chemical composition: Banshlochan (Manna) contains silica, mandoor, Potash, lime, alumina and some vegetable substances like colin carbohydrates and several other substances. Bamboo rice is will get is 500 gm packet(250 rupees),bamboo rice powder 350 gm(450 rupees),150 gm (190 rupees), we can deliver anywhere in india by post(postal charge etc).

Hot Summer? Try Cool Barley
Barley (jau) is a food that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years, either as a grass or as a grain, in preparations that include barley grass juice, barley water, barley porridge (using hulled or pearl barley), khichri and roti. Ayurveda defines it as cooling in nature, which is why it is prescribed for all inflammatory disorder of the body due to excess pitta (fire element).

Health Benefits

Barley grass is rich in photochemicals , caroteniods (the source of Vitamin A), vitamins C and K, calcium and iron. This makes it a wonderful detoxifier for the liver, working on people with major cholesterol and weight issues due to low metabolism, a fatty liver and other liver disorders.

It also purifies the blood and enriches it with the right kind of iron and helps combat acidity that result in acne, skin problems, puffiness and weight gain. Barley is used for treating rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory effect, and barley grass juice mixed with vegetable juice heals all kind of ulcers. It is also good for hepatitis, high blood pressure, asthma, weak digestion and weight loss.

How to eat it
Used regularly as a cereal before the wheat revolution, barley is available as hulled barley, pearly barley, barley flour and barley water beverages. It is very popular in India, China and South East Asia, where it is the king of summer drinks.

Eat it in a roti, mixed with wheat flour for the right consistency. This is good if you have weak digestion. Or eat it as porridge with milk and sugar for children, and minus the sugar for weight loss. A dish of vegetables, lentils and barley is also good to eat.

(Source: Newspaper Column)


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