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Tolenorm is a lasting solution to the problem of: Vitiligo, depigmentary problems, dry skin??

Tolenorm Oil and Ointment is a proven solution to the problem of Vitiligo and hypopigmentary problems. Tolenorm Oil & Ointment comes to you after successful clinical research and trials on over 100 patients suffering from vitiligo and hypopigmentary problems.??

Out of the total patients put on Tolenorm Oil / Ointment:??
In 75 % of the cases, pigmentation began before 8 weeks.
In 50 % of the cases, extensive pigmentation was seen in 20 weeks.
50 % of the cases showed near total pigmentation in about 30 weeks and maintained the
same or improved subsequently, with no side effects.

study done at the Dept.of Dematology, Govt. Kilpauk Medical College & Hospital and the

Govt. Stanley Medical College, Chennai, India has shown positive results. Dermatologists in many parts of India are satisfied with the clinical efficacy of TOLENORM Oil and Ointment.
Tolenorm oil and Tolenorm Ointment are 100 % safe, non-toxic, herbal preparations with
no side effects
Tolenorm Oil is available as 50ml and 100ml packs. Tolenorm Ointment is available as 50

gm and 100gm packs. They are currently available in major towns in most of the states of India.

Recommended for use with medical advice and guidance

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