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Herbal Viagra for Men??

Top Notch Musli ??- ??FOR MEN ONLY
Herbal Medicine
Does not produced any side effects
Has no drugs interaction
100% safe


Musli 175 mg
Naikuruna Kizhangu 25 mg
Sadavari Kizhangu 12.5 mg
Vayal Chuli Vithu 12.5 mg
Karkkidaka Shring 12.5 mg
Amukooram 12.5 mg

Dosage: 2 Capsule daily for 3 months with milk after dinner.

Aphrodisiac agent and Tonic, Increases libido and metabolism + tonic, Good for slimming, For rejuvenation and good health, Viagra effect with out side effect, Good to increase of sperm count

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