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Wanish is an Ayurvedic medicine providing "Vitamin E" in it's natural form i.e. Wheat Germ Oil. Along with Vitamin E, Wanish has extracts of Turmeric, Chandan, Tulsi, Orange Peel, Neem and Rasont. Natural Vitamin E, being a very good moisturiser and antioxidant acts along with these natural extracts to diminish scars, blemishes & hyper pigmentation on any part of the body & there by improves skin's texture & tone.??

If used regularly, Wanish also helps in diminishing & reducing obesity & pregnancy stretch marks.??

Indications :
??Wanish an ayurvedic medicine, is indicated in

Injury marks, Burn marks
Dark circles under the eyes
Hyper pigmentation & Blemishes
Obesity & Pregnancy Stretch marks

Instructions :??Apply to the affected area & message gently till fully absorbed. The extent & duration of usage is to be as advised by your doctor.??

Precaution :??As advised by your doctor, protect the area where Wanish is applied from exposure to sunlight, or use Wanish preferably at night.??

Presentation :??25gm Tube.??


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