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Ingredients :??Adadhoda Vasica + Instant Coffee.??

Composition :??Neels Asthma Coffee is a combination of Adhatoda Vasica and Instant Coffee.??

Adhatoda Vasica :
??The leaves of the plant contain an essential oil and alkaloids vasicine, N-oxides of vasicine, Vasicinone, deoxyvasicin, maiontone.

Steviacide :??In order to make the coffee more palatable Natural Herbal Sweetner called 'Stevia' is added. No need to add sugar. Stevia, the natural herb is non-caloric sweetener. It is known to be non-toxic & benign.??

Clinical Trials :??Research performed over the last three decades revealed that, the alkaloids. Vasicine and vasicinone present in the leaves, posses respiratory stimulant activity. Vasicine, at low concentration, induced broncholilation and relaxation of the tracheal muscle. At high concentrations, vasicine offered significant protection against histamine induced bronchospasm. The alkaloids from this plant were found to offer pronounced protection against allergen-induced bronchial obstruction.??

Action :
??The active alkaloid-vasicine and its auto oxidation product vasicione have shown broncho dilator and antihistaminic effects. It relieves cough and breathlessness.??

Instant :??The Asthma Coffee is ready instantaneously. Add it to a cup of hot water and drink. All the ingredients are water soluble and instant in nature.

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