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Ingredients :??Withania Somnifera + Instant Coffee.??

Composition :??Neels Vigour Coffee is combination of withania Somnifera and Instant Coffee.

Withania Somnifera :??Ashwagandholine, an alkaloid, Withaferin A, Withanolides, steroidal compounds.
Steviacide :??In order to make the coffee more palatable Natural Herbal Sweetener called 'Stevia' is added. No need to add sugar. Stevia, the natural herb is non-caloric sweetener. It can increase glucose tolerance and decrease blood sugar levels.??

Clinical Trials :??Studies conducted on Ashwaganda indicate that the herb Ashwaganda can convey the "Vitality of a horse" to the person who consumes it. The herb can also stimulate "stem cell proliferation and improve red blood cells, white blood cells and platelet parameters," important in the early development and later establishment of our immune systems.??
Balances adrenal function and cortisol levels exposed to extreme stress.??

Other Pharmacological Effects :
??Ashwaganda is indicated for people who are exhausted, depressed or emotionally distraught after a period of extreme stress.??

Instant :??The Memory Drink is ready instantaneously. Add it to a cup of hot water and drink. All the ingredients are water soluble and instant in nature.

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