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Size & Type of Packs
100 gm. & 200 gm.
Stand up Pouches.

Oil free Amla pickle- Good for digestion, gas trouble and acidity. Improves palatability and taste of diet.

Amla Chutney (Chunda)- can be used as bread spread, also can be served with dal,rice and chapatti to improve taste of diet and to get the benefits of Amla.

Mango Chutney (Chunda)- Excellent taste, sweet, sour and spicy. Can be used with bread, with brad, chapatti and rice. Makes diet more palatable and tasty.

Amla Murabba- Best healthy desert.

Long lasting digestive Amla supari- Good appetizer, mouth refreshener. Taste remains same from beginning to end.

Quality dehydrated Amla powder- made from Banarasi Amla.

Note:??No artificial colours & flavors used in any of NutrAmla products. Instructions of use, ingredients are given on the sticker of packaging. Sepration of fibrus & starely material of the fruit at the bottom in the indications of purity.

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