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Corrects male impotence and infertility.
Combined effect of :

Withania somnifera Aswagandha 3.6%
Mucuna pruiens Aatmagupta 6.6%
Trapa bispinosa Srungatakam 3%
Holostemma ada-kodien Jeevanthi 3%
Curculigo orchioides Musalee 2.3%
Abutilon indicum Atibala 3.6%
Boerhaavia diffusa Punarnnava 3.6%
Sugar candy Khanda sita 36.69%
Ghee Ghrutha 0.92%
Milk Dugdha 36.69%

Indications :??
Functional impotence
Premature ejaculation

Directions for use :??
1 measureful (10gms) of Vajitone to be chewed and taken with a glass of milk. Once or twice daily or as directed by physician.

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